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Kefen Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture and sales of tooling and fixtures for aviation products, automobiles and locomotives; aircraft blade molds and measuring tools! The company is mainly engaged in precision molds for various parts of aero-engines, and has 20 years of design and production experience in the field of wax pattern molds. Welcome all distinguished customers to visit our company!

Core mold
Measuring tool
Wax pattern mold
Plastic injection mold

Vortex core mold


The invention has high production precision, the mold opening process does not affect the core precision, the mold opening is easy, the core-pulling blade has a long service life, and the production cost is reduced while the production efficiency is improved.

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Blade profile analyzer measuring tool


The invention has simple structure and convenient operation, can quickly locate and fix blades during detection, has high positioning accuracy, greatly shortens the time required for detection, and provides detection conditions for batch detection of blades.

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Turbine Casing Wax Model


The invention has simple structure, convenient demolding method, sufficient injection and melting to fill the cavity, and reduces the weight of the mold itself, makes the operation easier for workers, and can effectively improve the efficiency of the production of wax molds for power turbine casings.

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Injection molds
Mold injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of some complex-shaped parts. The specific principle refers to: the plastic raw materials melted by heat are pushed by the screw of the injection molding machine into the cavity of the plastic mold under high pressure, and after cooling and solidification, the plastic molded product is obtained.
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Kefen has a variety of advanced high-precision processing equipment and more than 20 numerical control equipment



Including 850CNC, 650 precision carving high-speed machine, 3000 X 2200 gantry CNC, 3500X 2000 gantry milling, 2000X 1200 three-coordinate measuring instrument, CNC lathe , CNC milling, precision grinding,EDM, automatic punching, CNC drilling, wire cutting, etc.Produce and process in strict accordance

with international standards! Our mold surface accuracy standard <士0.01.Mold life is 500,000 times without deformation!

Makino-U32  wire cutting
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