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Zhuzhou Kefen Industrial Co., Ltd. Aero Engine Blade Mould

Issuing time:2021-11-23 11:30

Jet aircraft engines are famous for their extremely high power density and high reliability, and their design and manufacturing processes are extremely difficult. Concentrating the top technology of all branches of engineering, it is known as the jewel in the crown of industry. An aeroengine can have thousands of different types of blades, which fulfill the core functions of an aeroengine. These blades are made of different materials, different processes, and face different engineering challenges. In aero-engines, turbine blades are listed as the first key component because they are located in the parts with the highest temperature, the most complex stress, and the worst environment. The performance level of the turbine blades, especially the temperature-bearing capacity, has become an advanced engine model. Important signs, in a certain sense, are also a significant sign of the level of a country's aviation industry. Today, I will share with fans related pictures of machining aero engine turbine blades with machine tools. The picture below is an engine blade, a typical precision manufacturing product.


We liken an aero engine to the jewel in the crown of industry. Among aero engines, the core and most difficult component to manufacture is turbine blades. The processing of blades is not clear in a few words. Next, I will introduce to you a company that specializes in the production of aero engine blade molds. Zhuzhou Kefen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that focuses on aerospace products, automobile and locomotive tooling and fixtures; aircraft blade molds and measuring tools manufacturing and sales. Enterprise! The company is mainly engaged in precision molds for various parts of aero-engines, and has 20 years of design and production experience in the field of lost wax molds. They specially designed blade molds and related distance measuring fixtures in aero-engines for a Chinese company. They are still good in the field of China's aviation precision molds.

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