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Injection mold manufacturing

Issuing time:2022-03-30 21:39

In many cases, the mold is a particularly expensive piece of equipment used in the injection molding process. This is due to the complexity of injection mold design, which requires precise features and manufacturing methods. Injection molding manufactures molten plastic and thermoplastic materials by pressurizing a mold cavity shaped as a hollow form of the desired component design. Injection molded products can vary in size from small to large, and they are commonly used in automotive products such as steering wheels, dashboard gauges, side panels, body frames, and bumpers. Injection molds are capable of producing very precise and uniform parts. Achieving these tight tolerances depends on the right combination of design and mold construction, as well as the choice of injection mold manufacturing process.


Injection mold manufacturing is a multi-stage process that emphasizes accuracy and strict adherence to design specifications to reduce the risk of product failure or damage. A typical process would begin with milling or turning the mold-forming material, followed by heat treatment, grinding and fine forming, and finishing operations such as polishing. After the injection mold is ready to make the part, the mold is assembled to ensure its intended effect is applied to the workpiece. During the assembly stage, factors need to be considered, such as tightness to prevent molten plastic from escaping the mold and ventilation during operation to remove air from the injection mold manufacturing cavity. A tryout is then performed to determine its level of accuracy and structural quality.

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