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What should I do if there are dents on the side of the injection mold?

Issuing time:2022-03-30 21:37

The dents on the side of the injection molding mold are caused by the internal shrinkage of the part after the mold gate is sealed or due to the injection of insufficient material. The dents or micro-sinks caused by the surface of the injection molded products are a long-standing problem in the whole process of the injection molding process. The dent is generally caused by the increase in the shrinkage rate of the product caused by the increase in the wall thickness of the plastic product. So, how to deal with side dents in injection molding molds?

1. During the whole process of injection molding, additional plastic material is injected into the mold cavity to compensate for the shrinkage generated during the injection molding process. In most cases, the gate is much thinner than the rest of the product. When the molded part is still hot and shrinks, the small gate has already dried out. After drying, the curing will fail to the molded part in the die. .


2. The molding shrinkage rate of semi-crystalline plastic materials is high, which makes the problem of dents more serious; the molding shrinkage of amorphous raw materials is low, which reduces dents; the raw materials that are filled and maintained have a low shrinkage rate, causing The probability of dents is small.

3. The injection molding products with thick wall have a long cooling time, which will cause great shrinkage. Therefore, the large thickness is the direct cause of the dent. When designing the plan, we should pay attention to many aspects. We should try to reduce the thick-walled pipe components. If the wall tube cannot be seen, it should be designed to be hollow, and the thick member will be too smooth to the nominal pressure wall thickness. Using a large arc instead of the bevel can remove or alleviate the dents caused by the bevel.

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