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Surface lettering for injection mold processing

Issuing time:2022-03-31 21:50

If you want the appearance of the plastic parts to be more beautiful, it is necessary to add text and patterns on the surface of the plastic parts. The common processing methods are silk screen printing and lettering in the cavity of the injection mold. So how to carry out lettering in the processing and manufacturing of injection molds?

1) Engraved on the injection mold by the engraving machine. This processing method is usually used when the font or pattern is relatively large. However, the fonts directly engraved by the engraving machine usually have knife lines on the surface, and the injection mold needs to be polished.

2) Laser lettering. Laser marks are left on the injection mold. This processing method is also called etching. The advantage of etching is that the processing speed is fast, but the disadvantage is also obvious, which will leave traces of processing. Generally used in the processing and manufacturing of ordinary small and medium injection molds.

mold kefen.png

3) Electric discharge machining is performed after the electrode is engraved. This processing method is to take an electrode at the place where the font is to be processed, and then engrave the electrode. After processing, take it to the spark machine for electrical discharge machining. After completion, the desired surface will be left on the injection mold. font too.

The above three methods are commonly used lettering methods in injection mold processing manufacturers. In practice, the appropriate processing method can be selected according to the actual situation.

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