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What are the problems that often occur in the design of precision injection molds?

Issuing time:2022-03-29 20:49

In order to improve the production efficiency of plastic products, it is necessary to have a precise grasp of the size and shape of the precision injection mold, and to design the precision injection mold reasonably. However, in the design of precision injection molds, the following problems often occur, which seriously affect the design efficiency of precision injection molds.

 (1) The shrinkage rate of plastic materials is not uniform. The production environment of precision injection molds requires high temperature and high pressure to dissolve the plastic, and then inject it into the cavity of the precision injection mold. Shrinkage occurs when the liquid plastic cools to a solid. Therefore, in the design of precision injection molds, the shrinkage rate of plastics must be considered.


(2) The tolerance labeling of precision injection molds is not uniform. Different proportions of precision injection molds will lead to different proportions of products. High tolerance labels mean that the processing technology of precision injection molds is relatively complicated, and low tolerance labels mean the precision of precision injection molds. not tall. Therefore, considering the tolerance of the mold in the design of precision injection molds should be the focus.

(3) The thermal expansion coefficient of plastics is not uniform The thermal expansion coefficients of different plastic materials are different, and the shape and size of the plastic after cooling are directly affected by the thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, in the design of precision injection molds, the thermal expansion coefficient must be considered, and the size of the precision injection molds must be timely designed and adjusted according to changes in the actual situation.

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